For those new to clothing production we understand that it can be confusing as to exactly how you get your sketch or design off the ground and turn it into a garment.

Understanding how garments are made and produced prior to beginning your manufacturing enquiry will also aid the production process and make communication with us much easier.

  • Everything starts life somewhere and within the garment industry this translates to idea’s being put down on paper. You might have a sketch, design or drawing that forms the initial basis for your garment idea.


  • After this initial inspiration, more details are filled in about the garment style and its function. Designers need to plan out the fabric to be used, linings, zips and trims. A clear formulation of the elements that will make up the design need to be thought through. For fabric you can source your own, or we can help sourcing your fabric/materials,
  • At this stage developing all the technical information is necessary; this will include a tech-pack or a spec sheet. This will give the manufacturer all the information for the garments sizing and style. Decide on colours, type of fabrics, variations on sizes and all other details necessary prior to your clothes going into production.
  • At this stage you will want to run a sample garment. To do this we (the clothing manufacturer) will need a pattern to work with. You can make the pattern or we can. A pattern is essentially blocks of fabric that what will make up the garment when sewn together. Think of it as the jigsaw of material that form your garment. We can work with any format when it comes to the pattern and our pattern cutters will create the pattern for you based on your designs or sketches.

  • Once the pattern is made we can make the sample for you. The sample will be a one-off production of what your finished garment will be once manufactured. It is a test run of your garment prior to going into bulk production, so is important that you are happy with it and anything not right corrected.
  • The sample also allows us to grade the garment (pattern grading), so that you can manufacture the item in different sizes.
  • If the fabric has been sourced by yourselves or us at this stage, and you are happy with the sample and the grading, then the manufacturing process can begin. You will specify the numbers of each style and of each size allowing us to then produce your clothes or garments.
  • Once production is complete and all garments assembled to your specifications, all items will be thoroughly inspected before being shipped as per your requirements.

Get your idea’s turned into garments

If you want to know more about the clothing manufacturing process and have any questions about how your clothes will be produced simply get in touch!