Millennial Pink – Get gender fluid with 20th century metro-sexuality

Written by Daveena Parker

The summer color, millennial pink, has been this beige-blush hybrid version of baby pink that can be worn by men and women alike.  It’s a mixture of salmon, beige, and baby pink that has taken over brands like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Céline, and Balenciaga.

Get your high streets out

Many high street brands have copied designer brands by using millennial pink for basics such as jumpers, hoodies, shoes, and tee shirts.  The color speaks for itself so normally the designs using millennial pink are very simple and come in co-ord sets.

  • The color has been seen most as a set of sweatpants and a hoodie on social media.
  • This color was first seen at the beginning of spring 2017 when it was too chilly for tank tops and tee shirts, but too warm for those large winter jackets.

Gender is no more

As fashion becomes more gender fluid, this color has made an impact socially, hence the name millennial pink because the new age of equality is upon us all and why not start with fashion to prove that millennial’s are changing the world?  Véronique Hyland coined the term when questioning by women of now like the color so much when pink used to be an atrocious color for children with Barbies.

During this time of political discourse, the street style has changed from a grunge style to a hype beast style where branding is key to mix with  vintage. Silhouettes have changed into a non-binary form of not looking like a man or woman but human in general. Men’s clothing has taken on this feminine metrosexual look while women’s clothes are no longer form fitting and are shapeless to curves.  A perfect example this summer were tee shirt dresses, where an oversized tee shirt was worn as a dress. As for men’s clothing, an example of the non-binary clothing is the oversized or long tee shirt with holes and rips worn with skinny jeans. Most of the clothes made today have grown to be tailored to have a boxy figure. These clothing changes are due to the millennial age group becoming adults and entering to work field, but not wanting to conform to old standards. The rise of jobs in social media has increased creativity and acceptance. With jobs like YouTube, Instagram model, and public figures growing as popular professions, millennial’s are trying to connect in more ways than one. Millennial pink is just one example of how the youth of today are shaping the world.

Health is wealth

Another cultural change that is shaping fashion are the health habits of youth.  With the increase of vegans and minimalists, cultural norms are changing. This change all started in 2012 when social media started shifting towards veganism as a healthier lifestyle and natural hair being healthier for your body and mind.

Millennials are changing their lifestyle and political views towards the old-fashioned ways of the 90’s being the past.

Fashion has always been a way of expression, but today’s fashion can be more than expressing oneself, it is a way of expressing political views and tyranny towards governments.  Millennial pink practically embodies the fashion change and shifts.  The androgynous color has been named the color that defines the generation.