Written By Daveena Parker

With the fall season fast approaching, designers have been dropping hints of the upcoming trends during different fashion weeks.  Articles written such as Vogue believe that the uprising fashion trends deal with the political discourse occurring in the world.  Expect bright colors and unconventional silhouettes this season.

Ermenegildo Zegna

For example, one trend that was seen on the runway was quilted fashion shown by Dries Van Noten, Craig Green, and other European brands.  The rise of billowing figures and fashion that is quilted is on the rise for fall.  This comfortable fashion trend is in opposition to recent traditional silhouettes in order to give a reaction against society.

Dior Homme

Another example of the fight against true democracy through fashion is the graphic prints of sweatshirts.  Freedom of speech has allotted for these witty phrases seen on fashion shows by Dior, Valentino, Fendi, and more.  Words such as “They should just let us rave” (Dior) and “Beauty is a birthright, reclaim your heritage” (Valentino) have an essence of spreading positivity through fashion while also making a political statement.

 Gosha Rubchinskiy

On the other hand, the necktie is making a comeback with non-traditional suits.  Brands such as Balenciaga and Wales Bonner are bringing the traditional suit back to date this fall season.  The return to business casual adds a bit of order to the chaos.

Heron Preston

Finally, the color seen most on the runway is orange.  I guess the show Orange is the New Black knew it best regarding fashion.  The pumpkin like hue of orange has been seen on runways by Givenchy, J.W. Anderson, Etro, and more.  Some styles were monochrome and other mixed with other complimentary colors.


Overall, during Men’s Fashion Weeks in both New York and Europe protests were occurring regarding the current political stature has everyone inspired to rise against the tyranny.