Country Style

Country style is the epitome of traditional British fashion. The country aesthetic celebrates British excellence through tailored and sophisticated pieces. Heritage collections are continually gaining popularity as they are making appearances on the TV screen through period dramas such as The Crown, in which we see the royal family display the best of British country dressing. Country pieces include tweed garments, waxed jackets and Wellington boots. This style is associated with the countryside lifestyle. Think brisk walks, woodlands and fresh air. With the inclusion of a neutral and muted colour palette such as greens and browns, the tones of country clothing reflect those of the countryside.

Country style clothing also incorporates utilitarian designs that are based on practicality. Clothing that is designed to be worn in the countryside must be appropriate for the weather and therefore waterproof, warm and durable. Is it truly British if we don’t mention the weather? Country fashion should be able to withstand the British climate. These outdoor pieces were originally intended to be worn for traditional activities such as hunting, hiking and fishing. Although function is an important feature of heritage clothing, comfort should not be compromised. 

While country clothing is having a comeback today, it’s origins dare back to the 19th century. The most elite members of society wore waxed jackets, baker boy hats and wellington boots to hunt in. Tweed was a firm favourite for Prince Albert and the Victorian royal family. So much so that Albert made it a requirement for anyone working on the Balmoral Estate to wear the tweed that he had designed. Today, when celebrities and influencers are seen wearing a particular style it soon becomes a popular trend as many seek to replicate their style. Seeing royals in country style clothing made it desirable in the mainstream.

Examples of British country brands include Barbour, who produce their signature quilted jackets, and Hunter, whose wellingtons are a popular choice of footwear for festival-goers. Another brand that pays homage to British clothing is Holland Cooper. This brand rejects the fast-fashion ethos and instead creates clothing with longevity. Although traditional country dressing is usually associated with British heritage there is a visible influence of country style in brands across the globe. Many popular names in fashion favour the Equestrian style. Riding boots and suede jackets are a firm favourite for brands like Chanel and Hermès, whilst Ralph Lauren’s nod to equestrian fashion has always remained strong. Meanwhile, Gucci’s signature red and green stripe and gold metal logo is inspired by horse bridles. 

Quintessentially classic British clothing is a perfect niche to consider when developing your clothing brand. There is also a huge appeal in British tradition. Manufacturing traditional British garments here in the UK is a great way to celebrate British craftsmanship and style. 

Country clothing pays homage to traditional styles and stands the test of time in your wardrobe. If you want to create a nostalgic brand that produces beautifully crafted pieces, then a country-focused brand may just be the one for you.