CMT what does it mean? It literally stands for cut, make and trim. The term is often referred to as CMT in the fashion and textiles industry. CMT is basically the outsourcing of the labour intensive job once the design team and pattern cutters have sealed the garment and it ready to go into production. Here at wise man clothing we offer full CMT service.. The cutting is referring to the fabric being cut. Before this takes place the cutter will have to make a lay plan to efficiently get the most garments out of the required fabric. This can be done either manually or on cad software like Gerber. The amount of cm that is used in the laying process is known as the yield and the amount of cm it takes to cut an entire garment is referred to as the consumption. We will always work out the most efficient way to utilize your fabric and get the most out of the consumption. After this has been approved the cutting then starts. This is not done with fabric scissors but with a fabric cutting device, which is essentially a fabric saw cutting tool. The fabric is laid down neatly in layers depending on how many garments are required. One the fabric has been cut these pieces are ready to sewn together this is the ‘Make’ part. We work in a production line to get the garments done more proficiently. With one machinist doing only part of the garment then passing it on to the next. This ensures quality and speed which intern lowers the cost for you. Now for the final stage of production before the garments have their last quality check the ‘Trim’ hence the word refers to the trimming of the garments. This is to make sure the garments are clean inside and out and there is no loose thread. One this is done the garments are ready to have there finally quality check and ready to be packaged and transported to you. We quality check all the garments at each stage even down to checking there is no glitches in the fabric, this ensures you will get the highest quality product.