Basic.Space the exclusive shopping platform, what is it? Who is invited?

Have you ever saw something that your favourite creative, rapper, basketball player, editor or designer was wearing? You looked for hours and by your surprise it was either designer or one of a kind vintage. Well… a popular and exclusive shopping platform called Basic Space is a quick fix to your fashion hunting problem. Basic space is an marketplace where the internet’s most known creatives sell their own vintage pieces, preowned pieces and new exclusive pieces. Although fashion is the most searched for category, you can also find some cute home goods and furniture. There is even a vintage Rolls Royce listed! Its a mix of  influencers meets online shopping. It’s available by on the App Store or website.

Basic space is more like an community. The difference between basic space to eBay or Depop for example, is the fact that you know who you are buying from and you know their style and their taste. You may even be a fan and therefore you’re much more likely to feel confident that you’ll find something you’ll absolutely love! 

The process of how basic space works is very simple. The clothing, accessories or furniture are collected by the Basic Space team from the sellers, (a small team of five). It’s all taken to their HQ in LA for the process of photography and listing. Then the items or item is shipped worldwide as soon as the item is sold. 

I know I mentioned exclusive. So who’s invited? To sell on the platform you have to be a well know creative. You also have to receive an invite from the basic space team. You can buy from Emily Oberg, Goldlink, Naomi Osaka, Playboi Carti, Sami Miro and even the owner of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. Virgil Abloh released a furniture line in collaboration with the brand Vitra. It sold out in three days. They also had a pop up shop in Miami Florida, where they were selling vintage pieces. I should also mention that just because their owned by high fashion or creatives names doesn’t make the price increase at all. 

If you love Sophia Amoruso, she sells everything gained from her girl boss days. From Chanel bags and skirts to Alexander Wang and Dolce and Gabbana. If you find inspiration from Sami Miro, you can find I AM GIA pieces and Balmain. 

Founder and CEO, Jesse Lee explains that the goal of the app is to create a trusted ecosystem, where the best in quality and experience can be expertly curated and delivered, globally. The target market is millennials. He also explains that he wants more male creative to get involved so that’s there’s something for everyone. Women are said to be more accustomed to buying things online but he wants that to change.

You wanna try it out? Have you already left this piece to download it? Help the rotation of vintage and preowned fashion. You’re helping the planet and you’re gaining a beautiful, good quality, unique piece. 

The basic space words: This space is not for everyone. This space is not mass produced. Conventional. Or influenced. This space is personal. Experimental. True. A place for unique products and experiences from the individuals shaping tomorrow.